EMR Mobile Apps

What are EMR Mobile Apps? 

In short, EMR Mobile Apps means access to the EMR on a handheld device or a smartphone. This will assist clinicians with easier access to clinical information, especially at the point of care when they are working with patients 


What options are being explored and how will this change workflows for clinicians? 

We are exploring a number of features and functionalities. These include: 

  • Connect Nursing: enables nurses/midwives to complete documentation and access important patient information at the point of care 
  • PowerChart Touch: enables clinical staff to review important patient information and also contribute to the patient’s record on the go 
  • Camera Capture: allows clinical photography to be captured and uploaded directly in to the patient’s medical record. For example for visual tracking of wound care, or in theatres. This improves visibility of important clinical care information and maintains patient security


Will these devices replace WoWs? 

No. These devices will work in conjunction with the WoWs to give clinicians more options.  Mobility applications have limited functionality and do not support the full care of the patient that is supported by PowerChart on a WoW or desktop.  The introduction of these hand held devices will allow clinicians to choose the device best for each scenario of patient care. 


What is the timeline for the rollout of these devices? 

A pilot involving Allied Health and Medical staff is underway.  Feedback from this pilot will inform the broader rollout.


EMR Mobile Apps Contacts 

Allied Health – Alison Qvist, Chief Allied Health Informatics Officer – Alison.Qvist@wh.org.au

Medical Officers – Dr Ann Boo, Deputy Chief Medical Informatics Officer – Ann.Boo@wh.org.au

Nursing and Midwifery –  Kylee Ross, Acting Chief Nursing & Midwifery Informatics Officer – kylee.ross@wh.org.au