EMR Infusion Enhancement

EMR Infusion Enhancement went live across all Western Health sites on 1st December 2020.

This implementation was an important step in standardising workflows for infusion ordering, administration and documentation across the EMR sites to align with Best Care.

Please click here to be directed to the EMR Infusions Quick Reference Guides.

The online infusions lessons have been incorporated into EMR general training via WeLearn. If you only need to complete Infusions training, please contact Barbara Lennon, EMR Learning & Development Manager –  Barbara.lennon@wh.org.au

Key Messages – Nursing & Midwifery

No 10 –  From Paper Infusion Chart to EMR

No 9 –  With infusions risks increase, so make sure Allergies and Alerts are reviewed in the EMR

No 8  – Different types of infusions

No 7 –  Commencing an infusion

No 6 –  Documenting against a current infusion

No 5 –  Documenting against a discontinued infusion order

No 4  – BAG by BAG infusions – End Bag workflow

No 3 –  When the full infusion order information is not visible on the MAR MAW banner

No 2 – Viewing Titratable Infusions in iView

No 1 – Cross Encounter Transfer


Key Messages – Medical Officers

No 10 – What’s changing when EMR Infusion Enhancement goes live on 1st December

No 9 – Basic Definitions

No 8 –  Volume and Rate

No 7 –  Intermittent Infusions

No 6 –  Continuous Infusions

No 5 – Titratable Infusions

No 4 –  Modifying Infusions

No 3 – Bolus Orders

No 2 –  Infusions – Discharge Reconciliation

No 1 – Cross Encounter Transfer


Key Messages- Pharmacy

No 7 –  What’s Changing when EMR Infusion Enhancement goes live on 1st December

No 6 – Basic Definitions

No 5 – Verifying an infusion ( including product assignment)

No 4 –  Intermittent Infusions

No 3 –  Continuous Infusions

No 2 –  Nursing & Midwifery infusion administration documentation

No 1 –  Summary of key changes


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