May 3, 2019

EMR Diet Orders are coming – Tuesday 7th May

Western Health’s new menu management system, CBORD, will Go-Live on Tuesday 7th May, transforming the way we are able to provide food and fluids for our patients.

What are the benefits of this new menu management system?

  • EMR will now become the source of truth for all diet orders eliminating duplication of diet orders in iPM and EMR.
  • Patient food allergies recorded in EMR will automatically integrate with CBORD ensuring patients receive the correct meal based on their allergies.
  • Red dome orders in EMR will automatically integrate with CBORD eliminating duplication in iPM
  • Up to six diet modifiers can now be ordered at once reducing the need to communicate additional dietary requirements with the kitchen
  • Diet orders are a clinical decision, made and actioned by clinicians in our electronic system which is available to refer to at the point of care
  • Historical diet orders will always be accessible on the EMR to inform future clinical decisions
  • Patients with no diet order will no longer receive a Full Ward Diet as is current practice. This will increase patient safety and ensure patients only receive a diet which complies with their dietary and allergy requirements. Timely entry of diet orders means patients receive appropriate meals.

What do I need to do for the CBORD Go-Live?

  • Lunch meal orders on Tuesday 7th May will be taken from the exiting menu management system, BuckEye via iPM orders
  • All dinner meal orders on Tuesday 7th May and all meals from this date will be ordered in the EMR with messaging sent directly to CBORD

How will I be supported?

  • The below Quick Reference Guides, FAQ’s and Diet Order Checklist are available to support clinicians through the cutover process.
  • Nutrition and Speech Pathology clinicians will be available at all sites to support staff with clinical decision making and verifying correct diet orders following the cutover.
  • EMR team members will be actively roaming wards at all sites to support clinicians with entering new diet orders.
  • If you need assistance, and are unable to locate the support staff at your site, please contact Ally Qvist on 0481 901 565.  Click here for further information on the Go-Live Resources and Support


EMR Diet Order Checklist 

QRG – Checking and updating diet orders for cutover

QRG Clinical Care – Diet Order

Diet Order Descriptors

CBORD Frequently Asked Questions

CBORD Training Presentation




May 3, 2019

EMR Diet Orders are coming – Tuesday 7th May