March 11, 2021

Dorevitch Pathology begin uploading to My Health Record

Dorevitch Pathology are now uploading pathology results for Western Health patients to the My Health Record system.

As with Final Diagnostic Imaging Reports, the patient will only have access to read the report after seven calendar days from generation of the final result.  This delay is in place to provide clinicians time to contact the patient about the results if required.

Consent will still be captured and managed in iPM during the patient’s inpatient admission or outpatient appointment.  Patients who attend the emergency department will be excluded due to the inability to always capture consent.

If a patient does not want Western Health to upload to My Health Record, they just need to let us know. As soon as a clinician or ward clerk is advised by a patient that they do not wish to have information uploaded to My Health Record, this must be passed to the ward clerk on duty to change their consent in iPM.  However it is important to note that if a patient withdraws their consent after an order is placed, Dorevitch will still upload the result, as consent is set for the order at the time it is placed.

The below instructions will assist staff in updating consent in iPM.

Admission Changing MyHR Consent in iPM

Appointment Changing MyHR Consent in iPM


If you have any further queries please contact the following members of the Digital Health Team:

Luke Pell –

Andrew May –


March 11, 2021

Dorevitch Pathology begin uploading to My Health Record