ICU and Critical Care

EMR Phase 2.1 moved the Western Health Intensive Care Units at Sunshine and Footscray to the EMR for adults and neonates. This provided the ICU with a single solution for all documentation, charting, ordering and viewing of radiology and pathology from across a patient’s stay at Western Health.  

Following the EMR Phase 2.1 Go-Live in July 2023, staff are able to order diagnostics and view patient information through a single system. The solution delivered Nursing care documentation, ICU medications, clinician notes, dashboarding, and has helped facilitate ICU Liaison workflows and reporting.  

Patients moving through the ICU can be viewed by other departments during their stay in Intensive Care, enhancing patient visibility across the organisation and aiding with the delivery of Best Care. ICU team members can view patient data entered by other departments, improving the patient experience by reducing double documentation, and bringing efficiencies for care team members who can see an up-to-date patient journey from a single source.  

The EMR integrates with the ICU’s biomedical and monitoring systems, including ventilators, reducing the need for manual transcription as ventilator settings flow through in real time. This electronic integration of physiological monitoring systems and other critical care devices with the EMR was a huge positive of the EMR Phase 2.1 project.  

The integration of inpatient areas and the ICU with a single EMR also allows staff to review all medications in a single window during transitions of care. This transfer medication reconciliation workflow gives staff the opportunity to review all medications at transfer and stop, continue, or modify medications during transfers in or out of the ICU. 

EMR ICU and Critical Care presentations

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