Perioperative and Anaesthesia

The EMR Surgical Management module provides automation for the major functions in the perioperative environment. It allows the booking of theatres with the required equipment and clinician, and can also be used for emergency and day surgical cases. Perioperative Documentation allows the documentation of all phases of patient care within the surgery and anaesthesia environments.

The EMR Scheduling Management module creates appointments and associates the relevant personnel to the appointment. There is also Waitlisting and Referral functionality within this space.

The EMR Anaesthesia Management module collects values from the bedside medical devices and displays them on the anaesthesia record of the patient, thus allowing quick and accurate documentation.  Data records of the surgical procedure is written to the patient’s record. It also gives the Anaesthetist an opportunity to complete the details of any medications, fluids, or actions. Clinicians have access to the patient’s EMR for complete information.

Tracking lists allow more time to be spent caring for patients, not searching for information. Electronic patient charts, patient locations, requested or completed events, provider availability, real-time case events, and other real-time patient and provider data can be accessed in Perioperative Tracking, which is available in PowerChart.