Bacchus Marsh Melton Digital Health Transition

Yes, URNs will be merged as part of the data migration based on the current plan.

Discharge letters are sent to GPs from the EMR via a secure message system.

The EMR is one platform, and you will have the access to view the areas you need to do your job.

These reports will be uploaded and available in BOSSnet.

Yes. Training will vary depending on your role and work area. You will be able to access training in person and online via WeLearn.

Yes.  There will also be a buddy system with a nearby area so that you can access the buddy EMR Downtime Viewer and Printer in the event of a Downtime Viewer or Printer issue in your area during an EMR outage.

The devices being rolled out are new devices, in addition to those currently present.  The numbers and types of devices to be delivered to each area has been determined in consultation with the leadership of each area.

The EMR is used to document and manage patient care.

BOSSnet is used for scanned medical records ie forms that require a signature, the storage of historical medical records.


That is currently true.  It is a matter that we’re looking at for a future optimisation.

Wall mount computers were not captured as part of the initial business case, a variation to the business case will be written to request the wall mounts.  The variation will then go through an approval process.  Once approved, the wall mounts will then be procured and installed.

Western Health has commenced investigation into the possible installation of privacy screens on devices. A decision on this has not been made as yet.

The order for the Bacchus Marsh Melton devices was placed some months ago.  Privacy screens were not included in the order.

If a decision is made to install privacy screens then these will be ordered separately and a team of staff will be trained to install the screens across Western Health.

To protect sensitive information from being displayed on unattended devices, screensavers now activate on Western Health computers after a period of 5 minutes of inactivity, reduced from the previous 10 minutes of inactivity.

Staff are encouraged to please remember, before walking away from a workstation or moving a workstation on wheels / laptop on wheels, to lock the device or log off from the device.


BOSSnet is still currently used for scanned medical records across Western Health.

The EMR is used for medical record documentation-when documentation requires scanning or requires a signature then BOSSnet is used.

The approach used at BMM will be consistent with the approach used across the organisation.

If the function referred to in this question is available on the EMR, then the transition will be made to the EMR.

While the Go-Live for the Bacchus Marsh and Melton sites will occur during the same window, the exact details about the Go Live schedule will be determined in the coming months in consultation with the Bacchus Marsh Melton leadership

Yes, this will Go-Live at the same time as the Bacchus Marsh and Melton sites 

Yes. BMM has an extensive community program which requires access to the EMR whilst out of the office.

This will be available from a laptop with a 4G/5G sim card, which will be provided to staff to connect to the EMR while working in the community.