Active Directory Project

An Active Directory is a database which stores information about the users and computers in an organisation’s network – similar to a telephone directory – and manages all authentication (who you are) and authorisation (what you can do) services for users and devices.

Western Health’s current Active Directory is managed through Melbourne Health (along with Northern Health’s Active Directory), and planning has been underway for many months to migrate the Active Directory to one managed by Western Health.

The migration will reduce the likelihood of a cybersecurity incident by reducing the overall attack surface area and will give Western Health the ability to manage and improve our own system without relying on other health services. The migration will also allow Western Health to start improvement projects such as increased mailbox size.

Western Health also needs to manage our own Active Directory to be able to prepare for and support the digital hospital developments such as EMR Phase 2 and the New Footscray Hospital.

The new Active Directory will be managed by Western Health Digital Technology Services.

The design and build process for the new Western Health Active Directory is currently underway, and migration of non-clinical staff will occur from 8th November – 17th December , 2021.

Migration of clinical staff is planned to occur between 18th January – 20th June, 2022.

Further information will be provided on this important project as it progresses, or you can contact project lead Emerson Cambaya.


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